2020 NOVITEC Lamborghini Huracán EVO 14+ high quality wallpapers

By Lamborghini

2020 NOVITEC Lamborghini Huracán EVO

  • In designing the Huracán EVO, Lamborghini added a host of new features to the most successful sports car model in its history. NOVITEC offers an exclusive refinement range for owners of the mid-engine sports car who want to make their vehicle even sportier and more individual.
  • This includes naked-carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, which were fine-tuned in the wind tunnel. There also are hi-tech forged wheels in a staggered combination with diameters of 20 and 21 inches on the front and rear axle, which were developed for the new EVO in cooperation with American wheel manufacturer Vossen.
  • NOVITEC sport springs give the car even more dynamic handling.
  • NOVITEC RACE high-performance exhaust systems can further optimize the engine performance and give the two-seater an even sportier exhaust note.
  • Exclusive interior refinement is part of the broad range of options available from NOVITEC for the Lamborghini Huracán EVO as well.

The NOVITEC designers developed an aerodynamic-enhancement kit that combines spectacular looks and aerodynamic efficiency in an optimal way and accomplishes their goal of adding even more visual thrills to the wedge-shaped design of the sports car from Sant’Agata Bolognese. This also included wind tunnel testing in order to produce even more downforce and optimize the handling stability as a result.

The precise-fit NOVITEC components are manufactured with a naked-carbon finish to give the Huracán EVO full-blooded racing looks. However, the bodywork components can of course also be painted in vehicle or contrasting color.

NOVITEC offers three options for making the face of the two-seater even more distinctive. They can be installed separately or as a complete set: The central front blade and the two-piece spoiler extensions at the left and right enhance the appearance of the EVO and what is more, they optimize the aerodynamics as well. Tailor-made end plates at the left and right of the front fascia direct the air even more effectively to the side air intakes.

The NOVITEC trunk lid is yet another visual treat. It can be painted or for even sportier looks come with a naked-carbon finish. Its slits on the left and right above the bumper route the airflow through integrated ducts to the outlets in front of the windshield generating additional aerodynamic downforce.

NOVITEC also revises the side view thoroughly. This includes the rocker panels, which give the two-seater an even lower visual stance, the carbon mirror covers, and the air intakes at the rear side windows, which were extended towards the front and optimize the supply of fresh air to the engine bay.

The NOVITEC rear wing visually dominates the rear end of the Huracán EVO. The carbon spoiler produces additional downforce at high speeds, which further improves the handling stability. The NOVITEC rear diffuser is yet another important element of the aerodynamics concept.

The air scoop on the NOVITEC hood reaches roof height and not only results in full-blooded racing looks, but also optimizes the temperatures in the engine bay. A naked-carbon end plate for the rear edge of the hood is additionally available.

Of course, the thrilling NOVITEC design package for the Lamborghini Huracán EVO also includes tailor-made hi-tech wheels produced exclusively for NOVITEC by US manufacturer Vossen. Three different variants are available, which all share two common traits: high-end forging technology and a combination of 20-inch front wheels and rear wheels with a diameter of 21 inches. This puts even more emphasis on the wedge-shaped design of the sports car.

The enclosed photos show the sports car with NOVITEC NL4 forged rims, which are available with a five-lug pattern and in a center lock design, which the factory offers as an option for the Huracán EVO models. Their design featuring six delicate spokes tapering off towards the outer edge of the rim in the shape of a widely spread Y make these wheels seem even larger than they already are in reality. The wide range of colors these hi-tech rims are available in offers customers yet more options.

At the front, all three variants come in size 9Jx20 with 245/30 ZR 20 Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires. The rear axle runs on tires of size 325/25 ZR 21 mounted on size 12.5Jx21 rims.

Alternatively, NOVITEC also offers three-piece NOVITEC NL1 alloys with five delicate twin-spokes for the Huracán EVO, which are likewise produced using a forging process.

The NOVITEC sport springs, which lower the ride height of the two-seater by about 35 millimeters, are calibrated specifically to the NOVITEC wheel/tire combination. The lower center of gravity also contributes to even more uncompromising handling.

A NOVITEC RACE high-performance exhaust system lets the ten-cylinder engine breathe even more freely. Two different variants are available to choose from: stainless steel with high-temperature thermal insulation or the version made from the even lighter material INCONEL used in Formula 1 racing. The latter has an additional golden layer of thermal insulation, which also is out of the ordinary in terms of appearance. The NOVITEC tail pipes in a combination of carbon and stainless steel enhance the looks of these two exhaust systems and can also be adapted to the production exhaust.

Of course, NOVITEC also fulfills any customer request with regard to the interior design, regardless of how special it might be. To this end, masters of their craft work with the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired color.

(NOVITEC Press Release)

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