2023 Fiat Fastback Audace Turbo 200 Flex AT 38+ high quality wallpapers

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2023 Fiat Fastback Audace Turbo 200 Flex AT

  • Top of the range among the brand's passenger vehicles, Fastback combines the best qualities of an SUV, with its large size and height above the ground, added to the elegant design of a coupé.
  • The Fastback has the largest trunk in the category with impressive 600 liters.
  • Range of versions is 100% equipped with the sportiness of turbo engines.

After revolutionizing segments in the South America region such as pickups, developing SUPs and innovating passenger vehicles, Fiat is ready to change the Brazilian market. The brand has just launched Fiat Fastback, its first SUV Coupé. Fiat's most important launch in the region in recent years, the car brings together the best of each segment, such as the largest trunk in the category and huge interior space, one of the highest ground clearances among competitors with a high driving position and sportiness of turbo engines.

“With this launch, we will reinvent a category in our region. We are bringing the best combination of design, performance, security and technology at a level only seen in premium segments. Fastback points in the direction of our future. Entirely designed in Brazil and manufactured in Betim Plant, this car is the greatest representative of Fiat's repositioning in the market, reaching a new level in the perception of the value of our brand and our products", says Herlander Zola, Fiat Senior Vice President in South America.

It all started with a concept car presented at the 2018 São Paulo Motor Show, which was praised worldwide for its design that brought the perfect harmony between the designs of an SUV and a coupé. With great public and media success, the concept came to life and served as inspiration for the development of Fastback, from the name to the striking and innovative lines.

In fact, the term “fastback” makes direct reference to a very select category of cars that have this characteristic in common: the fast design and dynamic curves. A fluid, sporty design that makes it look like it's moving even when stopped. In this way, there would be no other name that would represent the Fiat Coupé SUV so well, as it brings together all these attributes and still brings the concepts of renowned Italian design.

Fastback was developed to be the perfect combination of the best of each segment of the automotive market. No wonder, as it combines the height of the ground and driving position of an SUV, a spacious trunk and the performance of a sports car with a turbo engine.

Available in three versions (Audace, Impetus and Limited Edition Powered By Abarth), the Fastback comes with an extensive list of standard items: it leaves the factory bringing together features such as advanced steering assistance systems (ADAS), electronic handbrake, paddle shifters, 7-inch full digital cluster, multimedia center up to 10.1 inches and Fiat Connect. ////Me, the brand's connected services platform in Brazil. Besides that, the Limited Edition Powered By Abarth brings an exclusive look and has the Turbo 270 Flex engine, leader in power and torque compared to any other engine in the category.

Fiat's second SUV manufactured in Brazil, Fastback joins the Fiat Pulse in the fastest growing market segment in the preference of Brazilians. In addition, the launch places Fiat in a new market: the SUV Coupé, being the first vehicle of the brand to occupy such a select category. It will be the top of the range of Fiat's passenger car line, which is even more complete.

Unique design and ample space

The Stellantis Design Center South America team had a great mission: more than developing a new model, create a model to debut in a new category for the brand. Thus, an imposing, authentic vehicle with the classic Italian-Brazilian design characteristic of Fiat was born. For this, it combined the higher driving position and the external volume typical of SUVs with interior comfort and a very generous trunk. In addition, the sportiness of a coupé was added to this mix. Therefore, a fluid, agile, imposing and seductive design was achieved.

Its musculature is also a highlight. In the side view, the fluid silhouette stands out, with the sloping C-pillar and the roof plunging towards the rear. This is the essence of a coupe SUV. It is important to note the line that starts on the side, passes over the rear wheel and goes to the spoiler, giving movement and width to the rear, exuding speed.

The front is very sophisticated, modern and sporty. The bumper has aerodynamic inlets and a three-dimensional honeycomb grille in piano black. The signature headlamps are standard Full LED with DRL when the turn signals are activated. In addition to a design that exudes speed, the SUV coupé has a touch that adds even more sportiness and elegance: the two-tone paintwork (standard on Impetus and Limited).

To complete, the alloy wheels have a very particular diamond design, which makes the Fastback even more complete and refined. Coming to the rear, the essence of the SUV coupé, the trunk lid has a very fluid line, ending in the imposing final portion with super-technological and floating LED lanterns, in the three-dimensional optical set.

The interior design that is clean, sporty and futuristic also attracts attention in the Fastback. The cockpit has an immersive atmosphere for all occupants. In addition, the position of the center console gives great prominence to the multimedia center and leaves all the controls in one place within easy reach of the eyes and hands. The higher driving position conveys a total sense of security. Complementing this ergonomics, the seats are very spacious, comfortable and have an exquisite finish, with soft fabrics to the touch. Mescla Sanchez embossed, Black eco-leather with embossed and Steel Gray natural leather with embroidery are available.

Still about the internal space, there is no way not to mention the surprising trunk, which is simply the largest in the category, with impressive 600 liters of capacity, greater length, width and access opening among competitors, in addition to a retractable cover, facilitating the disposal of several bags and any objects that the user wants to carry. With the seats lowered, the volume still reaches 1,087 liters. The space is also the largest in the segment in its storage compartments: there are 28 liters in total, the best in the category. It is worth mentioning that the model has a removable cup holder with a secret object holder.

Also, the Fastback brings some surprises inside: easter eggs hidden with drawings that have the face of Fiat. The model is available in six colors.

Maximum safety with imposing size and sporty performance

Ensuring a unique combination of high performance with maximum security, Fastback was developed on the MLA platform, one of the most modern and versatile of Stellantis, fully modular and that delivers a lot of quality and robustness. Thus, the Fastback is one of the safest cars produced in Brazil. Starting with the bodywork, which is made up of 87% high-strength steel that better dissipates impact energy in the event of a collision, bringing great integrity to the cabin. In addition, the vehicle has four airbags, two on the front and two on the side, which have such an efficient technology that they do double duty, protecting the head and chest. It is worth mentioning that this is a level of protection that meets the strictest international safety standards.

Another important feature is the height from the ground (192 mm), which is among the best in the category. Even with this high dimension, the model guarantees low body roll in curves. Along with the angles of attack (20.4) and transposition (21.2), the measurements make the Fastback easily tackle any obstacles in the city as well as the challenges of a dirt road. However, his size is not limited to height. It also has the longest length (4.43m) among its main competitors.

Fiat Fastback has new suspensions. An optimization to the front geometry has allowed for a lower roll center for increased stability and a new steering ratio that ensures more precise and direct steering. It also features a larger stabilizer bar diameter that provides more dynamic stability. In addition, a new rear axle was developed that gives more rigidity, reducing body roll and ensuring more stability. The suspensions also have new springs and dampers for better handling, while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Powerful is another word that describes the car well, since the entire Fastback line is 100% turbo. With two engine options, it is equipped in the Audace and Impetus versions with the Turbo 200 Flex with a power of 130 hp with ethanol (125 hp with gasoline) and a torque of 200 Nm. The propeller allows it to go from 0 to 100km/h in just 9.4 seconds, being the fastest among competitors with a 1.0 turbo engine in the category. The consumption of the propellant is also impressive for being the lowest among competitors with a 1.0 turbo propeller, registering up to 14.6 km/l on the road.

For those looking for even bolder performance, Fiat brings the Turbo 270 Flex engine with a power of 185 hp with ethanol (180 hp with gasoline) and 270 Nm of torque in the Limited Edition Powered by Abarth version, greater power and torque among competitors. It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and is still the fastest among competitors with a turbo engine up to 1.5l. It has the best power-to-weight ratio in the category (7kg/hp).

And to make the Fiat Fastback even better, it comes with three driving modes: Normal (focus on lower consumption and more comfort), Manual (more versatility) and Sport (faster response). To opt for the latter, simply press a button on the steering wheel and then the entire car's tuning is changed with greater sensitivity of the accelerator pedal, a more skittish mapping of the gear changes, a firmer steering mode and the activation of dynamic torque vectoring. (DTV).

To drive these high-end engines, the transmission is also great. Therefore, the Fastback comes with a CVT gearbox in versions with Turbo 200 and a 6-speed automatic transmission associated with the Turbo 270.


Safety and technology meet in the Fiat Fastback. The model is equipped with ADAS (Advanced Steering Assistance Systems) with the following features: automatic emergency braking, which prevents collisions with vehicles in front; lane change alert, which assists the drivers in case of leaving the lane in which they are, and automatic headlight switching, which sets between high and low beam automatically.

It also has an electronic handbrake as standard: just press a key on the center console to activate it. The function brings one more convenience: Auto Hold. With it, the Fastback keeps the brake on after taking your foot off the pedal, whether on a climb, at a traffic light or in traffic jams, bringing much more comfort to the customer's daily life.

The model also comes with paddle shifters, better known as “butterfly shifters”. They are right behind the steering wheel and, with just one touch, you can change gears. Fiat's new SUV also features a customizable 7-inch full digital cluster in which the user can choose whether to have information in an analog or digital form, such as G-force, turbo pressure, real-time consumption, among others.

Last but not least, it is equipped with an 8.4 or 10.1-inch multimedia center (depending on the version) with Fiat Connect////Me, the brand's exclusive connected platform, linked to the larger screen, in addition to Apple CarPlay and Android. With more than 30 features, the brand's connected system allows the user to have access to all of their Fastback information, such as diagnostics and vehicle location via smartphone, smartwatch or even through a personal assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant. It will now also be possible to schedule the service and at the dealership directly through the My Uconnect app connected to the center.

Fastback also has a wireless charger (induction charger) for smartphones with dedicated air conditioning output, onboard navigation with real-time traffic as standard, TC+ function that guarantees better braking in low grip conditions, stability control, reversing camera and a new digital automatic air conditioning that has an exit to the rear row for greater thermal comfort. In addition, it has Fiat's recently launched Sound Design, with notifications and alerts with pleasant tones, so that the user has an even more friendly listening journey.


Fastback Audace Turbo 200 Flex AT

The Audace version is equipped with the Turbo 200 engine and CVT gearbox. It has a wide list of standard items, such as ADAS (automatic emergency braking, lane change alert and automatic headlight switching), stability and traction control, front and side chest and head airbags, 17" alloy wheels. ”, electronic handbrake with Auto Hold, automatic and digital air conditioning, paddle shifters (butterfly on the steering wheel), rear parking sensor and camera, wireless charger, multimedia center with 8.4” screen with wireless pairing, charger induction and Full LED headlights and lanterns.

Fastback Impetus Turbo 200 Flex AT

In addition to the items available at Audace, the Impetus version features leather-covered seats, darkened interior finish, front parking sensor, bicolor paintwork with black roof, front fog lights with cornering lamps function, sports wheel with 18" diamond finish. electrically folding exterior mirrors, carpet mats and 7" Full Digital instrument panel. It also has a 10.1" screen multimedia center with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Fastback Limited Edition Powered by Abarth Turbo 270 Flex AT

The limited edition of the most famous scorpion in the world is equipped with the powerful Turbo 270 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. In addition to all the items available in the other versions, this configuration has 18" sporty alloy wheels with darkened paint and "Limited Edition" badges on the front fenders, in addition to "Powered by Abarth" on the engine compartment and door cover suitcases.

Warranty, Revisions and Accessories

With a three-year warranty, the Fiat Fastback has the most affordable parts basket among its competitors (up to 47% better in versions with Turbo 200 engine and up to 38% better in version with Turbo 270). It also has three maintenance package options using genuine parts that can be purchased along with the vehicle for more peace of mind and customer convenience. The Tranquility plan includes three scheduled reviews. Protection brings, in addition to revisions, coverage of wear items, windshield blades, oxy-sanitization, alignment and balancing. The third package – Security – includes all items from the previous plan plus an additional year of warranty.

With products tested and approved by Mopar, the accessories portfolio for the Fiat Fastback has more than 35 options, such as 17” dark alloy wheels, fog light kit, premium JBL sound, electric folding of the rearview mirror, painted friezes, door mat – suitcases with raised edges, sill protector, integrated towbar and transbike for towbar.

(Fiat Press Release)

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