2020 Koenigsegg Jesko Cherry Red Edition10 13+ high quality wallpapers

By Koenigsegg

2020 Koenigsegg Jesko Cherry Red Edition10

Punctual for the launch oft he own platfrom and within the frame of the Koenigsegg world tour and the 10 year anniversary of PACE – @Esser_Automotive, the official Koenigsegg importer for Germany, luxuryandexpensive presents the Jesko Cherry Red Edition10, the new masterpiece of the supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg from Sweden.

From 2020 onwards 125 Jeskos will be manufactured in Ängelholm. Limited Edition!

With up to incredible 1600 HP and a maximum speed of 480 km/h it will break all records for production vehicles (stock-cars) with playful ease. This impressive power is generated by the revised 5.0 Biturbo V8 motor of Koenigsegg. The flatplane motor ia able to maintain more than 8500 revolutions per minute and delivers a torque of up to 1500 nm at 5100 rpm. The resulting vibrations are absorbed by sophisticated motor suspensions.

Both turbochargers work with a patented in-house fuel injection system. A compressor linked to carbon airtanks shoots a timed, 20-bar burst of air in order to pre-spool the turbos. This unique method results in an instantaneous and lively boost in a class of its own.

Using a blend of state of the art technology the vivacious Jesko utilises an enormous downforce of 1.000 kg at 275 km/h, going up to a brutal 1.400kg at top speed. That`s a hefty increase of 30% over the Koenigsegg One:1 and a whole 40% more than the Agera RS. To make this fascinating performance become reality, Koenigsegg uses a variable rear wing angle. Optimised designs use the natural airflow to push the car to the tarmac and let the air pass by the body in as slippery a manner as possible.

This performance is offset by 20“ or 21“ rims either made out of carbon or aluminium. The carbon rims weigh not more than 8,4 kg in the rear, clocking in at ultralight 6,7 kg in the front. Its weight savings like these that brings the Jesko down to a dry weight of only 1320 kg, and an agile curb weight of 1420 kg.

To enable such peak performance, Koenigsegg built a brand new transmission. It`s able to instantaneously switch between 9 speeds at will. The built in computer technology termed Ultimate Power on Demand (UPOD) instantly selects and engages optimum gearing to put maximum power and driving joy onto the track. The name Lightspeed Transmission is more than aptly named. And it weighs in at only 90 kg, making it state of the art.

To bring back the feeling and haptic of a manual shifter to enthusiasts, there is a shift stick that allows to either switch gears manually or employ the new technology at any time.

But Koenigsegg doesn`t shave off luxury and comfort either. The tried and true Triplex Suspension system can not only be found in the rear, like the predecessor Agera, but on both axles. This regulates ride height even at the most massive acceleration. Two vertical and one horizontal damper on each axle maintain the energetic sprinter perfectly level with the road at all times.

The monocoque is fabricated from carbon fibre and aluminium and delivers more legroom and space than ever before. For the first time ever dyneema fibres are employed for reinforcement and security – the strongest fibre in the world.

When it comes to steering the nimble Jesko shines with an adaptive rear steering, that factors in wheel speed, throttle and brake positions, steering and slip angles and engine revolution. The turning circle is thus shortened and Jesko delivers a heightened awareness of all senses for the drivers steer. A more safe, stable, but also more exciting steer even at high speeds results.

The customer may of course expect all conveniences like climate control, infotainment system, USB connection and many more. The completely free adjustable seats and steering wheel round off creature comforts. Leather or alcantara finish is customers choice, of course. A speciality is the ingenious, digital touchscreen built into the smartwheel, which turns as the steering wheel turns and displays all the information readable at all times. Embedded in the smartwheel are two haptic touchscreens that allow full control of the car with just a touch or swipe from the driver.

The sensational Autoskin system utilises miniaturised hydraulics to open the Jesko touchless and provide easy entry for the driver. Special sensors protect the doors from opening where an obstruction is detected to keep the car in its immaculate state.

The Jesko Koenigsegg is the perfect blend of technology, comfort and performance. The basic list price is € 2.350.000 in addition to local taxes.

(Koenigsegg Press Release)

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