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2022 Vauxhall Grandland GS Line

The New Grandland is the latest Vauxhall to showcase the brand's bold and pure design principles, first previewed by the 2018 Vauxhall GT X Concept and introduced with the All-New Mokka. Vauxhall Design Director, Mark Adams, is the Briton behind the new look. Central to the design philosophy is the Vizor Front End, which will be a hallmark for future Vauxhall passenger cars.

The distinctive front end features a single smooth panel that runs between the LED headlights. It houses the new Griffin logo, sensors and radar for the driver assistance technologies and gives the New Vauxhall Grandland a contemporary, clean and polished look.

Vauxhall's signature 'wing' LED daytime running lights complete the front profile, giving the New Grandland a dramatic and recognisable look both day and night. The eco LED lights can be upgraded to adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light technology with 168 individual LED elements (84 per light), with the technology automatically adjusting the beam pattern to suit a variety of driving conditions to take the stress out of night drives.

The rear LED lights feature a 'double wing' design inside a smoke-coloured rear light unit – making the New Grandland instantly recognisable from the rear. Black door mirror caps add to the SUV's road presence. Other styling highlights include a sharp-edged roof spoiler, chrome-framed daylight openings and silver painted skid plates.

The GS Line model adds a black roof, black exterior trim on the lower front and rear bumpers, wheel arches and door cladding with high-gloss black inserts in the front bumper with matching Grandland lettering for a stealthier appearance. Ultimate models add high gloss black roof rails and chrome accents around the day light openings.

The New Vauxhall Grandland is available with a choice of striking wheel designs including 17-inch five-spoke wheels, while GS Line models add 18-inch high-gloss black alloy wheels for a sportier look. Ultimate models are fitted with 19-inch diamond-cut bi-colour alloy wheels for a more planted and purposeful stance.


Inside the New Grandland, Vauxhall has created a spacious, versatile and high-tech interior for both drivers and passengers.

Vauxhall's Pure Panel interior creates a new, driver-focused, environment with all key information and features easily accessible and visible. Two wide screens form the basis of the Pure Panel, with a digital instrument cluster displaying all key information to the driver, including satellite navigation directions, while the infotainment touchscreen allows the driver and front passenger to access the full range of vehicle features.

For convenience, and to minimise the potential for driver distraction, a row of physical buttons below the touchscreen control regularly used features such as the air-conditioning, cabin air temperature and heated seats. The digital instrument cluster is available in either seven or 12-inch displays, depending on vehicle specification, while the central touchscreen, which is angled towards the driver, comes in seven or 10-inch sizes. The central air vent outlets have been merged into one on the centre console, giving the entire dashboard a clean and contemporary appearance.

The New Grandland continues Vauxhall's tradition of setting the highest standards for consumer comfort. The ergonomic active front seats have been certified by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken or 'Campaign for Healthier Backs') and support good posture. The award-winning designs are unique in the segment and provide a wide range of adjustment and electro-pneumatic lumbar support.

On Ultimate models and Plug-in HYBRID-e variants, a heated steering wheel takes the chill out of cold starts while a heated windscreen prevents fog build-up and clears frost quickly in freezing temperatures. Heated front seats are also standard on all Ultimate variants. Rear visibility is provided by a frameless rear-view mirror, which adds to the sense of contemporary style.

New Grandland Design variants feature black fabric seat trim inserts and black fabric side bolsters. GS Line models come with black fabric seat trim inserts with black premium leather-effect side bolsters, while Ultimate variants feature black Alcantara® seat trim inserts and black premium-effect leather side bolsters.

Practical and spacious cabin

The New Vauxhall Grandland is packed with family-friendly convenience features. Wireless smartphone charging is available and provides the easiest way of keeping compatible devices topped up, without the need for untidy wires trailing around the cabin. USB sockets are also available for both front and rear passengers and the rear of the centre console is available with a 230V power outlet to charge laptops or tablets.

Practicality and versatility form a key part of the New Grandland ownership experience. A hands-free power tailgate (depending on version) provides easy access to the boot, which provides 514-litres of space in petrol and diesel variants, extending to 1,652-litres when the rear seats are folded. Plug-in HYBRID-e variants feature a 390-litre boot which extends to 1,528-litres when folding the rear seats.

The 60:40 split folding rear seats come with a ski-hatch that allows long items to be loaded through the centre seat without the need to fold either side of the rear row. A removable hard loadspace cover provides added versatility, protecting items in the boot from view and acting as a shelf for smaller, lightweight items.

Storage space is maximised by a variety of stowage solutions. The glove box provides storage space, while the centre armrest lifts to reveal a handy 2.88 litres of storage – enough to hold a water bottle.

Cupholders allow both the driver and front passenger to enjoy their drinks without worrying about spillages, while the centre console can be turned into a handy 1.7-litre storage compartment. A sunglasses holder by the interior mirror adds the practicality and further oddment stowage space is provided by the front and rear door pockets.

PureConnect: Advanced comfort and convenience

Vauxhall PureConnect and PureSense have been devised to group complementary technologies together for ease of use and convenience. The PureConnect family is focused on advanced comfort and convenience and the Vauxhall Pure Panel is at its heart. Through PureConnect, Vauxhall has made the New Grandland more connected and more intuitive, making it easy for drivers or passengers to stay in touch, informed and entertained throughout their journey.

Every New Vauxhall Grandland features Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ for seamless smartphone connectivity, while intuitive steering wheel and voice controls allow drivers to quickly and easily access features, without taking their eyes off the road. Combined with wireless device charging, which is standard on Ultimate models, this brings new levels of connected convenience to customers.

The Pure Panel Multimedia Navigation system combines modern connectivity and comprehensive media access with an advanced navigation system that provides real-time traffic updates and route adjustments. Live Navigation Plus services available via Vauxhall Connect give drivers additional information including fuel prices and nearby charging locations, local weather forecasts and parking information when on the move.

Vauxhall Connect SOS also forms a part of the PureConnect system, with the SOS e-call technology automatically alerting emergency services in the event of an accident. Vauxhall Connect SOS can be activated manually by pressing the button near the rear-view mirror.

Plug-in HYBRID-e services

On New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e models, the central touchscreen displays key information about the electric powertrain, including a 'powerflow display' to help the driver understand the state of charge and distribution of energy from the engine and battery.

The e-Save function allows drivers to specify a level of battery capacity to be preserved while driving, to ensure it can complete a later part of its journey – for instance through a low emissions zone or urban area – using purely electric power. Customers can choose from three options by opting to preserve either six-miles, 12 miles or the maximum EV range depending in the precise nature of their trip. A statistics display also shows the average consumption data over a period of time with easy-to-read colour coded graphs.

With the MyVauxhall app, Plug-in HYBRID-e drivers can manage and review their vehicle's charge status, electric driving range and even control charging times when away from the vehicle. Remote pre-conditioning allows drivers to warm or cool their vehicle before departing, helping maximise its electric driving range by using mains electricity to heat or cool the cabin ahead of a trip.

PureSense: Intelligent safety

The New Grandland is part of a new generation of intelligent Vauxhall models that come with the latest driver assistance and safety features, including technologies seen on a Vauxhall for the very first time. These form the basis of the PureSense family of features. Highlights for the New Grandland include:

Advanced Park Assist and 360-degree panoramic camera

Vauxhall's Advanced Park Assist can be engaged to perform parallel or perpendicular reverse parking manoeuvres, with the vehicle using a combination of cameras and sensors to automatically park itself – taking the hassle out of difficult manoeuvres.

Combining a front and rear camera, the New Vauxhall Grandland provides a 360-degree panoramic view for drivers that makes manoeuvring easier, giving the driver a birds-eye view on the infotainment touchscreen.

Every New Grandland comes generously equipped with the latest safety and driver assistance technologies, including:

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist

At speeds above 37mph, if the driver has not actively steered or signalled when the car moves outside its lane markings, the system alerts the driver via the instrument cluster and with an audible warning.

Side Blind Spot Alert

Operating at speeds between 7mph and 85mph (where legal) the Side Blind Zone Alert warns the driver of approaching vehicles in parallel lanes and in the vehicle's blind spots. The warning alert is shown on either side mirror.

Speed Sign Recognition

Camera technology in the New Grandland reads speed limit signs as the vehicle passes them, showing the current speed limit on the digital instrument display.

Driver Drowsiness Alert

Monitoring steering input, the driver drowsiness system can detect fatigue and alert the driver to take a break.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking monitors the traffic ahead using the front camera and is able to detect both vehicles and pedestrians. If the driver does not react to the collision alert, the vehicle automatically slows in order to avoid an accident.

Cruise Control

Using steering wheel controls, drivers can engage cruise control which automatically maintains vehicle speed without throttle input. The system can be cancelled via the steering wheel controls or by pressing on the brake.

Front and rear parking distance sensors

Sensors at the front and rear of the vehicle help with parking and reversing, giving an audible signal as the vehicle gets closer to objects.

Night Vision

In a first for Vauxhall, the New Grandland is available with Night Vision technology. Using infrared camera technology, the Night Vision camera is capable of detecting pedestrians and animals up to 100 meters ahead, based on the differences in surface temperature. The hazards are highlighted to the driver in the digital instrument display, further protecting both vehicle occupants and other road users in the dark. A specific wash system keeps the technology functional even in adverse weather conditions.

Highway Integration Assist: Adaptive Cruise Control with 'Stop & Go'

New Vauxhall Grandland models with automatic transmission can be equipped with Vauxhall's latest Highway Integration Assist technology. Using a camera and radar sensors, the system combines Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Lane Positioning, keeping the New Grandland in the centre of the lane under appropriate driving conditions. With 'Stop & Go' functionality, the New Grandland can resume driving even from a standstill – making it ideal when traffic slows down on motorways.

IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light

The New Grandland features Vauxhall's latest adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light technology, which provides unparalleled visibility at night.

The new adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light headlights come with 168 individual LED elements – 84 per headlight – and result in a seamless adaptation of the light beam pattern to suit the driving conditions and surroundings. The technology gives drivers a choice between several light modes that either turn on automatically depending on the driving situation, or can be switched on manually.

Full beam modes

When using full beam, the Static High Beam Curve Light provides a more intensive illumination when going around corners, and automatically switches the beam intensity to avoid blinding other road users. By providing superior visibility of the roadside, the technology helps drivers spot potential hazards.

The Glare Free Beam utilises the 168 individual LED elements and automatically controls independent pixels to split the light into individual beams to avoid dazzling the drivers of oncoming vehicles, while maintaining optimum illumination.

Motorway mode

Motorway Mode recognises when the vehicle is travelling on a motorway and adapts the light beam to suit the driving conditions for optimum night-time motorway driving. The right side headlight beam is intensified while the left side is decreased to avoid dazzling oncoming road users.

Dipped beam modes

Town Light Mode is designed for use in urban areas with lots of traffic and changing light conditions due to street lighting. The wide and symmetrical beam is designed for optimum vision when driving through illuminated town roads. In particular, the shape and spread of the beam gives greater visibility to the sides of the vehicle, helping the driver see any potential hazards or pedestrians.

Country Light is similar to low beam but illuminates a greater area to the sides of the vehicle, as well as the road ahead – adjusting automatically to avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles.

Curve Light illuminates the road in the direction of travel on high-speed corners, giving drivers a better view of the corner exit. Curve Light is activated at speeds between 20 and 40mph.

Energy Saving Mode switches the cornering lights on and off in conjunction with the Stop/Start system to optimise energy consumption.

Manoeuvring Mode provides extra light around the vehicle when parking and reversing. When selecting reverse, it helps illuminate potential parking spots by engaging the cornering lights with 60% intensity.

Tourist Mode decreases the beam intensity and is designed for driving in countries where traffic drives on the other side of the road. Drivers can access Tourist Mode through the infotainment system, to convert the light beam to suit the country's road requirements.

Static LED Cornering Light illuminates the road in the direction of travel on slow corners. Activated at speeds below 30mph and when the indicator is engaged, the light helps to illuminate hidden obstacles and hazards such as pedestrians or cyclists.


Built on Vauxhall's multi-energy Efficient Modular Platform 2 (EMP2), the New Vauxhall Grandland is available with a choice of efficient petrol and diesel engines and an advanced Plug-in HYBRID-e powertrain from launch.

Plug-in HYBRID-e: Combining efficiency and versatility

The Plug-in HYBRID-e powertrain combines a 180PS 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with a 110PS electric motor for a combined output of 225PS. Powered by a 13.2kWh lithium-ion battery, Plug-in HYBRID-e variants have an electric-only range of up to 39-miles (WLTP, EAER) – making it capable of tackling a typical day's driving for UK motorists in zero-emissions-in-use mode.

With a combined maximum torque of 360Nm, the New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e can accelerate from 0-60mph in 8.9 seconds and is capable of up to 192mpg under WLTP testing conditions.

With CO2 emissions as low as 31g/km, the New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e qualifies for a benefit-in-kind (BiK) rate of 11%, making it perfectly suited to both fleet and business users. Under 2021/2022 BiK rates, drivers would face monthly payments of just £61.90 per month for those in the 20% income tax bracket and £123.80 for those in the 40% income tax bracket – a significant saving compared to petrol or diesel alternatives.

Tax savings are just one of the cost benefits of owning a New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e. Thanks to the highly efficient electrified powertrain, the New Grandland is also significantly cheaper to run on a daily basis. Compared to petrol or diesel variants, private customers of the New Vauxhall Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e can expect to achieve a total cost of ownership parity with petrol and diesel versions, despite a higher list price, assuming the vehicle is run in Electric mode for a majority of daily journeys.

For business users, the significant BiK tax advantages make an even more compelling case. And in both situations, the driver is benefitting from more power, an automatic transmission and near-silent and zero-emissions-in-use driving.

Available exclusively with Vauxhall's smooth shifting eight-speed electrified automatic transmission, drivers can select three different driving modes on Plug-in HYBRID-e variants.

  • Hybrid is the default mode and offers the best of both worlds, optimising fuel efficiency and driving performance
  • Sport draws on the combined power of the engine and electric motor for maximum power and performance
  • Electric activates the electric motor only, providing hushed zero-emissions-in-use driving

Brake Energy Recovery allows the New Grandland to recover kinetic energy generated under braking to recharge on the battery. The technology allows for single-pedal driving in urban areas, with the system automatically engaging the regenerative brakes when the throttle pedal has been released. Drivers can increase the amount of energy harvested by selecting B mode, which increases the level of regenerative braking and makes it even easier to enjoy single-pedal driving.

With the e-Save feature, drivers can also specify the amount of battery charge saved to ensure the vehicle can reach its destination in zero-emissions-in-use mode, such as an urban town centre.

The New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e comes with a Type 2 charging cable and 3.3kW on-board charger as standard, providing a charge time of three-and-a-half hours, with an optional 6.6kW on-board charger also available for even faster top-ups. A Type 3 charging cable is also available for customers wishing to charge using a conventional three-pin domestic socket.

New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e charging times

The charging flap is located on the opposite side to the petrol or diesel filler cap and coloured LEDs here highlight the car's charging status:

  • White: A welcome light that illuminates the socket area
  • Flashing Green: Charging is in progress
  • Solid Green: Charging is complete
  • Solid Blue: Delayed charging, the charger is on standby, and changes to flashing green when charging starts – and to solid green when complete
  • Solid Red: Charging error

Using the MyVauxhall app, drivers can specify delayed charging to take advantage of lower electricity tariffs during off-peak hours – and also when the grid often has a higher mix of renewable energy. The delayed charging can also be activated through a push-button in the charging flap.

Efficient petrol and diesel engines

Alongside the Plug-in HYBRID-e powertrain, the New Vauxhall Grandland is available with a choice of efficient petrol and diesel engines. Vauxhall's 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine produces 130PS and 230Nm of torque and is capable of up to 45.6mpg, with CO2 emissions of 142g/km. Petrol variants are available with a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic, and come with a 12,500-mile / one-year service intervals.

Diesel models are available exclusively with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and feature a 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, producing 130PS and 300Nm of torque. The efficient powerplant provides fuel consumption of 54.3mpg, CO2 emissions of 138g/km and has 20,000-mile / one-year service intervals.

On the road

New Grandland inspires confidence on the road, regardless of driving conditions.

The front suspension comprises MacPherson struts that are de-coupled to separate the individual suspension load paths. The two-piece subframe has a separate crossmember with an elongated lower load path. The torsion beam rear suspension has been refined and features three torsion profiles for improved ride comfort.

The electrical steering column features rake and reach adjustment to ensure an optimal driving position, while the steering feel has been stiffened for improved feel.

All New Grandland models feature 304mm front and 268mm rear brake discs for optimal brake feel and feedback.


The New Grandland is the latest model to adopt Vauxhall's new simplified trim structure, that is intended to make the range much simpler for customers to navigate, and is available in Design, GS Line and Ultimate specifications.


The entry-point to the New Grandland range is generously equipped with many of the essentials drivers and passengers look for in a family SUV. Design models are exclusively available with petrol and diesel powertrains and feature 17-inch five twin-spoke silver alloy wheels. Vauxhall's Multimedia infotainment system provides a seven-inch colour touchscreen and seven-inch digital instrument cluster with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

All Design models feature LED head and tail lights, automatic lights, high beam assist, front and rear parking sensors as well as lane departure warning with lane keep assist, cruise control and automatic emergency braking. Dual-zone climate control, automatic wipers, all-round electric windows and electrically-operated, heated and folding door mirrors add extra convenience.

GS Line

Sporty GS Line models enhance the New Vauxhall Grandland's styling with 18-inch high-gloss black alloy wheels, a contrasting black roof for a two-tone colour effect, high gloss black roof rails, dark-tinted rear windows and high gloss black exterior detailing. GS Line models are available in petrol, diesel and Plug-in HYBRID-e powertrains.

Inside, Vauxhall's Pure Panel Multimedia Navigation system – with a 10-inch colour touchscreen and 12-inch colour digital instrument display – is fitted along with AGR-certified driver's seat and the 180-degree reversing camera.


With 19-inch diamond-cut bi-alloy wheels, IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light technology, Advanced Park Assist, Highway Integration Assist, side blind sport alert and a 360-degree reversing camera, Ultimate specification provide enhanced design and technology. Inside, there's Alcantara® upholstery and the AGR-certified front passenger and driver's seats are heated.

A heated steering wheel and windscreen also take the chill out of cold starts and keyless entry and start enhances convenience. Wireless smartphone charging and a 230V accessory socket in the rear console improve connectivity. Ultimate models are available with petrol, diesel and Plug-in HYBRID-e power.

(Vauxhall Press Release)

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