2022 Lexus BEV Sport Concept 7+ high quality wallpapers

By Lexus

2022 Lexus BEV Sport Concept

Lexus has released a gallery of new pictures and animations of its next generation battery electric sports car. The model was first revealed on December 14, 2021, in the corporate battery electric vehicle (BEV) announcement made by Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation President and Lexus Brand Holder.

The new sports model will be part of a full line-up of BEVs Lexus will launch by 2030 under its Lexus Electrified brand vision. Through Lexus Electrified, the company aims to fully leverage the potential of electrification to increase the joy of driving for all its customers. It will also deliver the rewards of the Lexus Driving Signature, a unique driving experience founded on linear vehicle responses that are constantly faithful to the driver’s intentions, with seamless connection of deceleration, steering and acceleration at all times.

With the bold proportions and low ride height required for a high-performance sports car, the new model symbolises the future of the Lexus brand while also reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h will be in the low two-second range and the cruising distance will exceed 700 km, thanks to the possible use of solid-state batteries.

Through its development of pure electric vehicles, Lexus will evolve into a brand that offers a range of driving experiences, harnessing its unique performance development capabilities, and honing its craft of making products that are ever more personalised in their performance, quality and appeal.

(Lexus Press Release)

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