2022 Genesis G70 Shooting Brake (UK-Spec) 29+ high quality wallpapers

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2022 Genesis G70 Shooting Brake (UK-Spec)

Dynamic premium design, first-class driver engagement, advanced technology and impressive practicality are hallmarks of all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, which makes its European debut. Designed and developed exclusively for Europe, it is the fifth new model to debut in the region and is a true disrupter in the premium sector, meeting the demands of customers that expect the best in style and luxury in their pursuit of an active lifestyle. The result of a decade's worth of development, including a dedicated focus on Europe's challenging roads, it underlines the Genesis brand's ambitions in the region.

Mixing elegant coupe design and state-of-the-art technology with exceptional driving engagement and enhanced levels of space and practicality, all-new G70 Shooting Brake is an exciting and dynamic entrant into the premium luxury estate car market, a sector that has a long and distinguished story in European automotive history. The result of the unique and close collaboration between engineers at Genesis in Namyang, South Korea and their European counterparts in Rüsselsheim, Germany, all-new G70 Shooting Brake makes a bold statement and offers a unique proposition in the class.

Like all Genesis models there is a firm focus on driver engagement and entertainment, yet it's also infused with the versatility and functionality that allows it to meet the hugely varied needs of customers with active lifestyles. Developed with the Genesis brand's trademark attention to detail, passion and excitement, all-new G70 Shooting Brake also packs the same advanced technological features and luxurious character as all-new G70 saloon.

All-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake has been subjected to exhaustive testing and development on Europe's most demanding roads, as well as intensive evaluation at the legendary Nürburgring circuit in Germany. Driving against established class benchmarks over the course of tens of thousands of kilometres, Genesis engineers have honed the suspension and drivetrain to set new standards in driver engagement, agility, refinement and comfort, all while ensuring it meets the challenges of carrying the wide variety of loads demanded by estate car owners.

This same development programme has made Genesis a formidable presence in the premium luxury sector. Beginning in 2010, Genesis engineers from South Korea have been working closely with their European colleagues to understand and meet the unique challenges and demands involved in creating an impressive premium product. This intensive research about customers, their environments and their lifestyle has given all-new G70 Shooting Brake an exciting and compelling character that sets a new benchmark in the premium luxury estate car segment.


The latest expression of the exciting "Athletic Elegance" design philosophy, all-new G70 Shooting Brake is the most dynamic and distinctive effort yet from the Genesis brand. Combining eye-catching coupe styling cues with the enhanced usability of an estate car, all-new G70 Shooting Brake makes a compelling study in form and function.

"Designed for Europe, the spectacular new G70 Shooting Brake delivers a fresh take on bodystyle that is firmly rooted in European automotive history. It's blend of bold coupe styling, taut lines and functionality represents the very essence of the Genesis 'Athletic Elegance' philosophy. Using the exceptional G70 as a basis, the Shooting Brake introduces unique elements, such as the tailgate glass that extends into the roof and the floating rear spoiler. Packed with Genesis design DNA, this bold arrival is the embodiment of the brand's confidence" Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Brand Officer of Genesis Brand

With a dynamic rear-wheel-drive platform and longitudinal powertrain, all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake combines the responses and driver connected feel of a sports saloon with the high-performance luxury and practical versatility of an estate car.

Viewed from the side, all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake's profile retains the familiar long bonnet and short front overhang of the G70 saloon, communicating its agility even when standing still. The flowing roofline leads into the unique single-piece glass hatch with its "floating type" integral spoiler that lends the shape a unique, coupe-like elegance as well as endowing it with enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.

Down the side of the car, the Parabolic Line creates a muscular tension reminiscent of a sprinter's pre-race posture, helping highlight the car's status as one of the most athletic in the brand's line-up. Elsewhere, the air vent positioned behind the front wheel is a fine example of form following function, its dynamic design also optimising efficiency by controlling the airflow over the front wheel.

At the front, all-new G70 Shooting Brake sports the brand's signature LED Quad Lamps that stretch outward like the wings of the Genesis emblem. Flanking the low-slung and imposing Crest Grille that helps create an imposing stance, emphasising all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake's sporting credentials.

For all-new G70 Shooting Brake, Genesis' signature Quad Lamp taillights stretch into the tailgate, while the high-level brake light enhances style and safety by extending across the full width of the roof spoiler. Lower down, the prominent Genesis text over the clean surfacing of the tailgate shows an unmistakable brand identity and is complemented by the full width G-Matrix mesh and body colored diffusers that surround the oval exhaust tips.

A total of 12 exterior colours will be offered, with a choice of solid, metallic, matte and pearlescent finishes. To highlight all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake's distinctive design is the signature Makalu Grey colour, available in both luxuriant pearlescent and dynamic matte finishes.

Sport Line

In keeping with all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake's dynamic and athletic image is the availability of Sport Line trim. Complementing the Premium Line and Luxury Line models, it adds a further layer of visual prowess to fully realise the car's unrivalled sporting potential. High performance visual cues include a cool dark-chrome finish for the window surrounds and front grille, which also gets a dark tinted chrome mesh insert. Further distinguishing the Sport Line is its 19-inch wheel design that incorporates the familiar G-Matrix pattern to express a sense of speed, an upgraded Brembo braking set-up identified by its red caliper treatment and a mechanical limited slip differential (LSD) to improve handling and traction on twisting roads.


Authenticity, attention to detail and unrivalled functionality define the interior atmosphere of all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake. Resembling a fighter jet cockpit it provides an easy-to-understand, driver-centric experience, while also radiating luxury and sophistication as well as maintaining a sporty, refined aesthetic.

"Designing the interior of G70 Shooting Brake, we aimed to make it as usable as possible while maintaining maximum comfort and the feeling of opulence. The tailgate has been engineered to deliver the widest opening, while the large boot and versatile seating arrangement gives owners the opportunities to indulge in their passions and pastimes with zero compromise. And of course the use of the highest quality materials and exceptional fit and finish means the cabin delivers unrivalled luxury and well-being" Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Brand Officer of Genesis Brand

All of the buttons, displays and controls have been placed perfectly to simplify every interaction and allow the driver to maintain focus on the road. This layout also maximises driving comfort with an ergonomic design, while the centre console creates a driver-focused layout that bolsters all-new G70 Shooting Brake's dynamic driving appeal. Angled toward the driver for enhanced ease of use, this area houses a number of functions including the knurled finished heating and ventilation controls and, on top of the dashboard, the 10.25-inch high definition infotainment system.

First-class comfort inside the all-new G70 starts with a generous amount of space for every occupant, with the low set seating providing a great sense of comfort as well as a dynamic driving environment. An uncluttered aesthetic amplifies the expansive feeling, with a striking balance of simplicity and strength that are hallmarks of Genesis design.

Despite its sleek, coupe-like exterior lines and the fact its on road footprint is the same as all-new G70 saloon, all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake offers enhanced everyday practicality thanks to its generously-sized and versatile estate boot. The hinges of the tailgate have been set back into the roof to create a large aperture for a spacious 465-litre luggage area. Functionality is enhanced by the addition of three-way 40:20:40 split-fold rear seats that offer numerous options for carrying larger items. With the rear seats completely lowered, all-new G70 Shooting Brake delivers an exceptional 1,535-litres of carrying capacity.

Practicality doesn't come at the expense of the Genesis brand's trademark premium luxury, however, with soft-touch, high-quality materials used throughout and attractive features such as genuine stitching adorning the top of the dashboard and being woven along the edge of the front console. Optional, real aluminium inserts can be specified and are used throughout the interior as trim for the doors and console, as well as to the pedals. The gear lever is wrapped in leather while the three-spoke steering wheel features standard perforated leather.

Luxurious touches feature throughout all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, not least in the finish of its comfortable and supportive seats. Unique in the segment is the availability of several types of quilted-pattern, heated and ventilated seats that can be trimmed in soft Nappa leather.

Extremely well equipped as standard, all-new G70 Shooting Brake can nonetheless be enhanced further through a range of options aimed at meeting the demands and desires of its owners looking for something a little different. These desirable additions can be ordered separately or together in carefully curated packages:

  • Innovation Package – Highlighting all-new G70 Shooting Brake's use of the most advanced technology, this pack adds features such as a state-of-the-art 12.3-inch 3D instrument cluster, matrix LED headlamps, a head-up display, blind and surround view monitors and wireless phone charger
  • Comfort Seat Package – Further enhancing the luxury with an electrically adjustable steering wheel, with electric side bolster and cushion extension adjustments for both driver and passenger, ventilation for the front seats, optional heating for both rows, and driver memory function
  • Nappa Leather Seat Pack – Soft quilted luxurious leather seats with detailed stitching throughout as well as soft suede trim for the headline, window pillars and sun visors

In addition to these packs there are a number of desirable individual options, including 19-inch alloy wheels and a powered sunroof.

Also available is the powerful premium 15-Speaker Audio System developed in partnership with audio specialists Lexicon®. With QuantumLogic multi-dimensional sound and Clari-Fi music restoration technology, all-new G70 Shooting Brake is transformed into a mobile concert venue. Under-seat subwoofers and two immersive listening settings, Audience Mode and On Stage Mode, fill the cabin with a rich and immersive sound for all occupants.

With no detail overlooked, every aspect of all-new G70 has been painstakingly developed to create the best possible experience in its class.


With all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, the Design and Engineering Development built on the world-class foundations of all-new G70 saloon deliver both exceptional driving pleasure and on road comfort. A determined effort was placed on maximising inventiveness, optimising interior spaciousness, delivering an unrivalled premium experience, and ensuring best-in-class safety.

"With its incredibly rigid platform, the G70 Shooting Brake has the perfect foundations for exceptional vehicle dynamics. Like the G70 saloon driving enjoyment has been the top priority, but not at the expense of comfort refinement and safety. Care has also been taken to ensure the G70 Shooting Brake responds with the same sense of connection and security even when fully loaded, making it as fun to drive on the commute as on an action-packed weekend away." Tyrone Johnson, Director, Vehicle Development at Genesis Brand

Through the extensive application of hot-stamped parts and reinforced connecting structures, all-new G70 Shooting Brake has an incredibly stiff body structure. Fundamentally, the robust, reinforced structure provides first-class occupant safety, just like other Genesis models. The additional benefit of such a rigid body structure is the ability to finely tune the suspension for both excellent ride quality as well as superb handling dynamics. Through the extensive use of used high-strength steel, aerospace-grade adhesives and strategic weight reduction with aluminium, engineers have created the ideal balance of stiffness and light weight.

A low overall height and wide overall stance result in a low centre of gravity, helping all-new G70 Shooting Brake provide an exceptional dynamic performance. To reduce unsprung mass, all-new G70 Shooting Brake utilises MacPherson strut front suspension with a connective structure that increases stiffness compared to a conventional design.

At the rear is an independent, multi-link suspension that balances driving stability and performance. In combination with the availability of state-of-the art electronically controlled adaptive dampers (ECS), the suspension has been extensively tuned to deliver engaging handling precision without compromising ride comfort.

For all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, recalibrated dampers compared to that of the G70 saloon help it cope with the increased load carrying expected from an estate car. Even when fully loaded and at high speed it responds with the same assurance and precision as G70 saloon, instilling supreme confidence behind the wheel.

Perfected in Europe for an exceptional driving experience

As with all Genesis models, all-new G70 Shooting Brake has been subjected to extensive testing and tuning in Europe. With cutting-edge chassis technology and a stiff structure, all models provide composed and assured handling as well as supreme comfort and refinement. Drive modes also give the choice of Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+.

"With all-new G70 Shooting Brake we wanted to ensure that the Genesis hallmarks of driver engagement and dynamic handling remained key to the car's appeal, yet also making it a machine that's ready for anything. As a result it provides a pleasing connection between the driver and the road, helping make the most of the impressive agility and responsiveness on offer, even when hauling the largest loads. And as ever, this dynamic character is backed up by a calming sense of comfort and refinement." Tyrone Johnson, Director, Vehicle Development at Genesis Brand

Once again, Genesis engineers have covered tens of thousands of kilometres testing on some of Europe's toughest and most challenging roads, as well as extensive testing and confirmation at the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany. During this rigorous regime, all-new G70 Shooting Brake has excelled, meeting all of the high standards expected of the Genesis brand's vehicles. An intimidating test for any new car, every lap of the legendary 20.8km race is equivalent to over 300km on the road, putting all mechanical and cooling components under incredible scrutiny. Even so, all-new G70 Shooting Brake covered over 10,000km at the track.

During this exhaustive process, considerable attention was paid to the development of the EPAS (Electronic Power Assisted Steering) calibration, resulting in an incredibly natural response and weighting. The steering rack also allows confidence-inspiring stability at high speeds without compromising all-new G70 Shooting Brake's connected feel and exceptional agility.

Also under the spotlight were the state-of-the art electronically controlled adaptive dampers (standard on Sport Line and Luxury Line models), which help deliver both handling precision and ride comfort. This has been achieved through exhaustive testing on some of the most challenging road surfaces in Europe. In addition, different springs and extensive tuning of the steering and the dampers in terms of hardware and software help deliver agile driving dynamics and a unique sense of connection between car and driver. This ensures all-new G70 Shooting Brake is uniquely satisfying to drive yet also totally equipped to deal with the increased luggage loads expected for estate modes.

In addition to these comprehensive changes, all-new G70 Shooting Brake's agile and assured handling is further aided by the use of dedicated tires for Genesis, selected in cooperation with Michelin. Models fitted with the standard 19-inch alloy wheels benefit from the Pilot Sport 4, while Sport Line models equipped with a petrol engine are equipped with the even higher performance Pilot Sport 4 S. Both tyres have been tuned specifically for all-new G70 Shooting Brake, providing excellent grip, driver communication, ride comfort, refinement and efficiency in all conditions.

Sport Line versions of all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake feature a comprehensive performance package with a unique sports exhaust, high-performance Brembo brakes with enhanced performance pads and additional weight reduction measures. Crucially it benefits from the addition of a mechanical limited slip differential (LSD) that generates even greater traction out of corners for an even more dynamic and engaging driving experience.

Smartstream Turbocharged Engines

All-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake uses the same powerful and efficient engines as all-new G70 saloon. Featuring sophisticated design and advanced construction, the turbocharged four-cylinder units are available in two guises – a 2.0-litre petrol with either 197PS or 245PS, and 200PS 2.2-litre diesel.

"By using the same sophisticated Smartstream turbocharged engines as the G70 saloon, the G70 Shooting Brake retains the typical Genesis dynamic character and performance. Featuring the latest technologies these powerful turbocharged engines provide the smoothness and response you'd expect from the brand, giving the car an alert and eager personality. Yet the use of cutting edge systems and materials means there is no compromise in efficiency" Tyrone Johnson, Director, Vehicle Development at Genesis Brand

A key feature of the 2.0 turbo petrol engine is the optimised size of the turbine wheel used in the turbocharger. Not only does this compact arrangement allow for quicker spool-up of the unit to eliminate turbo lag, it also results in even stronger low-end torque delivery for greater responsiveness, which is particularly welcome when overtaking. A balance shaft module reduces engine vibration for unrivalled smoothness even at high revs.

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake uses a direct injection system (GDI) for optimum fuel use, while efficiency is further improved by the use of a motor-driven intake variable valve timing system and two-stage relief oil pump.

Also available is a 2.2-litre diesel engine that produces 200PS and a strong 440Nm torque. Featuring a lightweight aluminium construction, it offers exceptional refinement and efficiency. Fuel economy is excellent and has been achieved through a focus on reducing internal friction and the use of a common-rail fuel injection system that runs at 2,200 bar of pressure, enabling all-new G70 to meet the strictest European regulations in the form of the current Euro 6d and RDE2 (Real Driving Emissions Stage 2) assessments.

Both engines are fitted with an in-house developed 8-speed automatic transmission that offers rev-matching technology and a gear-holding facility for tight corners. Tuned specifically for all-new G70 Shooting Brake, this transmission offers outstanding NVH performance, enhancing the premium refinement. Shift paddles on the steering wheel allow fast and responsive gear changes to be made manually, fully in tune with all-new G70 Shooting Brake's dynamic character.

Drive Mode

The availability of four drive modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+) allows the driver's experience behind the wheel to be tailored to suit the road and the driver's mood. At the touch of a button each setting carefully retunes the steering and damper response, as well as powertrain attributes such as throttle and transmission feedback to either enhance efficiency, promote a more relaxed environment or prime the car for dynamic driving.


All-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake delivers advanced, cutting-edge technology that enhances convenience and enjoyment for drivers and passengers. In partnership with Genesis Connected Services that allow over-the-air updates, each feature is focused on allowing all-new G70 Shooting Brake to sync seamlessly with its owner's needs, devices and preferences.

On all-new G70 Shooting Brake the standard 8-inch driver information display can be upgraded to the cutting edge 12.3-inch instrument cluster as part of the Innovation Package. Featuring a state-of-the-art 3D function it can display information in true three-dimensional clarity, while cameras mounted in the cluster monitor the driver's eye movements and use the information to enhance the areas directly in their sight line – a segment first that helps improve safety by reducing the time the driver's eyes are taken off the road.

In addition, this sophisticated set-up can be customised to reflect the driving mode (Eco, Comfort and Sport), with a change in both background colour and information displayed to reflect the chosen setting. It also augments the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) by prominently displaying lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and forward collision alerts when any of these systems are triggered.

A high definition 10.25-inch infotainment display sits centrally on top of the dashboard. Featuring a fast and intuitive touchscreen layout, it allows simple and straightforward access to all functions. Genesis Connect can also be upgraded with a range of On-Board Services including live traffic information, weather forecasts, points of interest (POIs), fuel prices, and details of potential on- and off-street parking – including price, location and availability. Online Voice Recognition lets users search for POIs, addresses, weather updates, control vehicle related functions via voice or send text messages with voice commands. A new "Genesis Connected Routing" service uses cloud-based real-time and historical traffic data to predict traffic levels more accurately than ever before.

A new 'User Profile Transfer' feature enables users to back-up their in-vehicle Genesis preferences via the cloud and transfer settings from one vehicle to the next. This is designed for customers who often switch between different Genesis Connect-equipped cars, such as fleet drivers who use pool cars, or families with more than one Genesis Connect-equipped vehicle in their household.

Every area of technology in all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake has been carefully designed to deliver the best possible user experience. Cutting edge features available include:

  • Available as an option, the class leading 12.3-inch instrument cluster and 3D display can track the driver's eyes and prioritise the areas being viewed for crystal clear clarity
  • A widescreen 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system that allows quick and easy access to audio, sat-nav and connectivity functions
  • Valet Mode enhances security so that users' personal information does not appear on infotainment screens when using a valet parking service
  • Calendar synchronisation from your Google or Apple account directly into the infotainment system, allowing you quick and easy access to your appointments
  • Over-the-air, wireless updates to the navigation system for unrivalled accuracy and route planning.
  • Seamless phone connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


In keeping with the Genesis brand's focus on safety, all-new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake benefits from the same suite of advanced and class-leading technologies already debuted on all-new G70 saloon. These wide ranging active and passive safety systems bring peace of mind for the driver and occupants.

Genesis applied a wide range of new technologies that can protect passengers from hazards inside and outside the vehicle, including advanced autonomous driving assistance features based on proactive safety, demonstrating the brand's strong commitment to safety.

As on all Genesis models, a significant safety feature on all-new G70 Shooting Brake is its front centre airbag. Positioned in the driver's seat bolster on the centre console side, this airbag deploys in just 0.03 seconds in the event of a side collision, preventing the two front passengers from colliding with each other or with vehicle components.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) is standard and automatically adjusts throttle and braking to maintain a set distance from vehicles ahead as well as adapting the speed to match corners in the road, while Highway Driving Assist (HDA) combines Smart Cruise Control (SCC) and Lane Follow Assist (LFA) to assist with steering movements and automatically keep the vehicle in its lane. Further autonomous technology comes in the form of the Stop & Go function that can bring all-new G70 Shooting Brake to a complete stop in traffic before accelerating away again without any driver intervention.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) not only reduces the risk of collision with stationary vehicles in the same lane, it also features Junction Turning and Junction Crossing Functions to prevent unintended movement into oncoming traffic when turning left or right.

All-new G70 Shooting Brake's ADAS technology includes:

  • Highway Driving Assist (HDA) – This system helps assist the driver maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in front and prevent the vehicle from inadvertently moving out of its lane
  • Smart Cruise Control – Uses radar control to automatically and safely adjust the car's speed relative to the preceding traffic
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) – This system may help automatically bring all-new G70 to a stop in certain situations where there is a risk of collision including an approaching vehicle detected on the left or right side of the junction
  • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA): When the system detects a vehicle in blind spots, it provides visual and audible alerts and will prevent the driver from changing lanes
  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA): Controls the vehicle speed based on the local speed limit, using road sign information detected by the front facing camera and the navigation system
  • Lane Follow Assist (LFA) – Helps maintain vehicle position in the centre of its lane by recognising both lane markers and vehicles traveling ahead
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