2020 Skoda Vision IN 21+ high quality wallpapers

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2020 Skoda Vision IN

  • Exterior characterised by a rugged appearance and elongated lines.
  • LED headlights and illuminated crystal on the grille and rear provide visual highlights.
  • Aluminium front spoiler and rear diffuser, and a bright orange metallic exterior colour.

Powerful, rugged and with a bright orange metallic finish: featuring an exuberant exterior design, the ŠKODA VISION IN is specifically tailored to suit the preferences of Indian customers. Crystalline elements in the LED headlights and tail lights, as well as the ŠKODA grille and the prominent light strip at the rear are a clear give-away that the car is a member of the ŠKODA SUV family. A wide bonnet, aluminium front spoiler and rear diffuser as well as matt anthracite side trims underline the rugged character of this mid-size SUV and make it appear larger.

For Indian customers, an exuberant, powerful and self-confident design is a hallmark of premium vehicles. Thanks to its rugged and stunning appearance, the use of partially illuminated crystalline elements and the bright orange metallic exterior colour, the ŠKODA VISION IN gives a striking first impression. What’s more, its elongated lines and large wheelbase make the 4,256-mm-long concept study appear bigger.

ŠKODA grille boasts illuminated crystal frame and slats

Featuring a distinctive front and large bonnet, the VISION IN’s ŠKODA SUV family resemblance is clear at first glance. The wide ŠKODA grille features striking double slats; both the frame and the slats are made of lead crystal, and their elegance is additionally enhanced by eye-catching LED illumination. The two-part LED headlights also exhibit crystalline structures. In the upper part, which reaches as far as the ŠKODA grille, stunning glass elements create the LED dipped beam, LED high beam and an L-shaped LED module for the daytime running lights and indicators. The LED fog lights are arranged below this. The upper section of the sculpted bumper has been given added depth, is body-coloured and incorporates a wide, crystalline, mesh-effect air inlet. The lower section consists of a rugged, aluminium front spoiler.

Straight roof line and powerful rear

The straight roof line with panoramic glass roof and buffed aluminium roof rails conveys a sporty appearance at first glance. A three-dimensional tornado line makes the vehicle look longer, while the powerful wheel arches make it appear brawny and self-assured on the road. This impression is reinforced by the car’s bold, sculptured plastic side trims in matt anthracite; 19-inch alloy wheels with polished surfaces create a manifold of light and shade effects. The side profile of the chrome-framed windows extends all the way to the D-pillar and, exhibiting a slanted rear window and ‘ŠKODA’ in block lettering, the rear is powerful and uncluttered. Razor-sharp, L-shaped LED tail lights together with horizontal reflectors form the ŠKODA-typical ‘C’ of the light cluster. A crystalline strip of light between the reflectors provides yet another visual touch, further splitting the rear into individual sections and lending it a more structured overall appearance; a rugged aluminium diffuser completes the lower section.


  • 12.3-inch (31.24-cm) central display, Virtual Cockpit and shift-by-wire technology
  • Bohemian crystal glass meets Kalamkari traditional Indian craftsmanship
  • Sustainable materials: seat covers made of rhubarb leather and orange oak leather

In the interior of the VISION IN concept study, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative materials meet traditional Indian craftsmanship and Bohemian crystal glass art. The wide, symmetrically arranged dashboard echoes the lines of the ŠKODA grille and has been inspired by the Indian textile printing technique Kalamkari, in which fabric printed with traditional patterns is produced in 23 steps. Bohemian crystal glass also catches the eye in the interior and, used for a crystalline ‘assistant’ in the middle of the dashboard, provides a bridge to the digital world. For the first time, the interior also showcases the use of rhubarb leather, an innovative organic leather, as well as oak leather and Piñatex, a leather alternative made from waste pineapple leaves. Seat covers and numerous storage compartments embody ŠKODA’s typical Simply Clever features.

Oliver Stefani, Head of Design at ŠKODA, explained, “For the ŠKODA VISION IN, we have combined Indian and Czech traditions with state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, we have also used classic materials such as sustainable genuine leather produced without the use of any chromium, alongside vegan leather alternatives – allowing us to refine the new ŠKODA interior concept and enhance it with attractive details.”

The interior of the VISION IN concept study is characterised by the new ŠKODA design language. The elongated dashboard picks up the symmetrical contours of the ŠKODA radiator grille and incorporates air vents featuring the brand-typical SUV design. The ŠKODA designers have also broken new ground when devising the decorative trim that adorns the dashboard and have drawn inspiration from Indian culture. The decor pays homage to the traditional Indian textile printing technique, in which classic motifs are printed onto fabric using handmade East-Indian-rosewood stamps. At the same time, the characteristic ŠKODA crystal seam on the dashboard and door panels as well as decorative armrest trims made of genuine crystal make reference to the traditional Czech art of glass cutting. An all-new crystal button on the dashboard acts as a bridge to the modern world: using this button, the driver can communicate with the infotainment system’s digital assistant in the same way they would if they were using the free-standing 12.3-inch (31.24-cm) central screen.

Virtual Cockpit and shift-by-wire technology

The VISION IN’s modern technological comforts also include the individually configurable Virtual Cockpit and shift-by-wire technology. The gear selector is no longer connected to the 7-speed DSG mechanically. Instead, it relays which gear has been chosen electronically. The classic selector lever has been replaced with a small rocker switch for operation. The convenient electromechanical parking brake means the familiar handbrake lever is also no longer required. This creates a new sense of spaciousness and makes it possible to keep the centre console much smaller and tidier. The gained space resulting from this has – in typical, Simply Clever ŠKODA fashion – been used + for several new storage compartments. The three-spoke steering wheel is another important component of the new interior concept.

Plenty of space and a variable back seat

Thanks to its large wheelbase and the MQB-A0-IN platform, the VISION IN provides an extraordinarily generous amount of space. Furthermore, it is also possible to effortlessly transform the variable back seat from a three-seat configuration into two comfortable single seats with a centre console between them. Catering to the premium look coveted on the Indian market, genuine chrome-free leather is used for the seat upholstery as well as real wood for the decorative trims.

Vegan floor, and roof-lining materials made from recycled polyester fibres

Alongside wood and natural leather, the VISION IN also makes use of vegan as well as recycled materials. The floor mats are made of Piñatex, for example. Pineapple leather, as it is also known, is a leather-like fabric made from waste pineapple leaves. The concept study’s roof lining is made from recycled plastic fibres and – owing to the transition from black to orange that is drawn across the entire roof – provides another distinctive visual highlight.


  • Concept study of a mid-size family SUV tailor-made to suit the requirements of Indian customers
  • MQB-A0-IN: variant of Volkswagen Group’s modular MQB platform specially adapted for India
  • VISION IN provides a concrete preview of a mid-size SUV developed and manufactured in India for India

By showcasing its VISION IN, ŠKODA is celebrating two premieres at the Delhi Auto Expo 2020: the concept study is the first vehicle developed as part of the INDIA 2.0 project and it is also the first model to be based on the new MQB-A0-IN. Having been tasked to develop a platform adapted specifically for the Indian market, the MQB-A0-IN – a variant of Volkswagen Group’s MQB system – is ŠKODA AUTO’s answer. The VISION IN provides a concrete look ahead at a production model of a mid-size family SUV that will specifically cater to the requirements of Indian customers and will also be produced in India.

Following the success of the KODIAQ and KAROQ, ŠKODA will continue its SUV campaign on the promising Indian market by introducing a mid-size family model (expected to take place in 2021). The unveiling of the ŠKODA VISION IN provides a concrete preview of this vehicle, which will be the first production model to be based on the new MQB-A0-IN platform and will also be produced locally. The new localised platform is a variant of Volkswagen Group’s MQB system, developed by ŠKODA AUTO for use in India and specifically tailored to suit the tastes of Indian customers. It allows ŠKODA-typical advantages such as an optimum amount of space to be perfectly combined with the highest degree of versatility and state-of-the-art technologies, as can now be seen in the VISION IN.

Christian Strube, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Technical Development, said, “When developing the MQB-A0-IN platform, we were very much guided by the local requirements of the Indian market. And the result will allow us to offer vehicles that boast the high level of quality that is typical of Volkswagen Group as well as modern technology, and – thanks to radical localisation – to do so at competitive prices. Together with our local suppliers, manufacturing in India also enables us to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the market.”

1.5 TSI with a power output of 110 kW (150 PS)

The ŠKODA VISION IN concept study is 4,256 mm long and has a wheelbase of 2,671 mm; its height is 1,589 mm. The VISION IN is powered by a modern and efficient petrol engine. The 1.5 TSI delivering 110 kW (150 PS) transfers its maximum torque of 250 Nm to the front wheels via a 7-speed DSG. It takes the concept study 8.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Its top speed is 195 km/h. The VISION IN features 7.5J×19 alloy wheels fitted with 235/45 R19 tyres.

(Skoda Press Release)

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